A Different Type of Mission Statement

While most mission statements have to do with a product or service, ours is about our people! At the end of the day the craftsmen in the field are who get the project built. We focus on finding people who share our core values and help build them up so they can build your projects. Empowering Electricians is not just our mission statement but a way of life here at BFZ.

From Start to Finish



We use a triangular method of planning that includes our Project Managers, In House Design Team and Project Foreman to design the best plan of attack



We do not ask what can be prefabbed but what can’t be prefabbed! With the support of our in house prefab team we can pre build a impressive amount of the job offsite prior to onsite install


On-Site Execution

How do we continually have a on site team that outperforms the competition?
By only hiring those who share our core values and really living by our #1 management rule of (Always support the craftsmen in the field)
With a team of supported, high quality people all rowing in the same direction great things are possible!

Our Core Values

We see Challenges as Opportunities

We Care

We Work With Energy & Commitment

Work Hard Play Hard